Caring for your leather bag is important and will help maintain and preserve the quality of the leather. Follow our easy care instructions to keep your bags looking shiny and new.


1. How can I maintain my leather handbag well?

Step 1: Ensure that your hangbad is always stuffed with soft tissue or pieces of cloth after it has been used and while it is in storage or sitting on a shelf. This ensures that it does not lose its original shape and can prevent wrinkling on the leather surfaces.

Step 2: Keep your bag clean by wiping with a moist cloth every day. This prevents it from hardening due to age.

Step 3: Store your leather bag in a dry, airy, and clean environment.

2. What should I do if my leather bag is moldy?

If your leather bag turns moldy, scrub it gently with a soft textured cloth. If there are white patches on the inside of the bag, wipe it with a soft brush, then clean over with a dry cloth. You can use a special soap for leather products or just use your skin cleanser cream or lotion that is meant specifically for skin onlyl.

Leather Do’s and Don’ts

Never store leather bags in wet or damp areas.

Do  not place heavy items on top of your leather bags, to prevent wrinkling or creasing of the leather.

Do not store your leather bags in direct sunlight.

Genuine leather turns colour and ages with time. Do not be alarmed if your leather bag is seasoned and is a different color from its original state.

Do take care to keep your leather bags away from high heat, flammable liquids, and sharp items.


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